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KentCard Credit Card

VISA credit card 

VISA credit card is internationally valid card which is used as a 'two in one' card in which you determine its functionality - charge or revolving.

  • Pay at retail outlets in Croatia and abroad
  • Execute payment transactions in cash, 24 hours a day, at the ATMs of KentBank and other banks in Croatia and abroad
  • Find out your account balance at the ATM of KentBank, as well as at more than thousand ATMs of the MBNet network
  • Make Internet purchase
  • Change the PIN at the ATMs of KentBank

VISA Revolving Card

  • Revolving loan is a framework loan that is automatically renewed
  • Monthly obligation of the repayment of the used loan amounts 10%, at least 13,27 EUR/100 HRK
  • Flexibility of repaying large amounts of expenses in accordance with the wishes and needs of the clients
  • The possibility of contracting additional users
  • Monitoring spending through monthly Notices on costs and KentBank Internet banking
  • the possibility to choose debt repayment:
  • Settling the entire debt (interest-free deferred payment for all non-cash transactions) 

VISA Charge Card

  • Grace period up to 45 days without calculated interest rates
  • Purchase of goods and services with deferred payment
  • Cash withdrawal with deferred payment
  • Monitoring spending through monthly Notices on costs and KentBank Internet banking
  • The possibility of contracting additional users
Amounts expressed in euros are informative and calculated at a fixed conversion rate of 1 EUR=7,53450 HRK and in accordance with the rules for conversion and rounding from the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia. 


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