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Non-purpose loan

Anytime you need it!

  • Up to 31.000,00 EUR
  • Repayment period to 10 years
  • Fixed interest rate


Advantages of the loan:

  • The possibility of contracting insurance for the loan beneficiary in case of inability to repay the loan
  • Fast, flexible and simple to implement 
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire loan repayment period                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Representative example of the calculation and assumption for the calculation of EIR:

Loan currency


Loan amount

8.000,00 EUR

Nominal interest rate* 

7,60% fixed 

Repayment term in years


Fee (0,3%)

24,00 EUR 

The cost of the fee for payment transaction

13,27 EUR one time 


160,68 EUR 

Effective interest rate**


Total amount***

9.641,08 EUR

* For the calculation example, the nominal interest rate valid for clients without Client Status was used.

**EIR is calculated on the stated amount of the loan, with the stated repayment period, the loan processing fee 0.30% of the loan amount, intercalary interest for the whole month and payment transaction costs in the amount of EUR 13.27

***The total amount to be repaid includes the principal amount of the loan, and the interest calculated until the end of the loan repayment increased by the amount of intercalary interest for the whole month, assuming that the specified variable interest rate is valid until the end of the loan repayment, loan processing fee 0.30% of the loan amount and payment processing costs in the amount of EUR 13.27.

Intercalary interest is equal to regular interest, it is calculated on the used part of the loan until the loan is put into repayment, and it is charged immediately when the loan is disbursed.

Before credit will paid out the user will be given European standardized information form (ESIS form) with the exact total amount to be paid and the calculation of EIR.


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