Turist Loan with a fixed interest rate

Completely adjusted to you, private owners with the creation of the repayment model in seasonal months when the income from renting accommodation facilities (annual loan principle is payable in three Summer Season Installments at the end of each month).

Purpose of the loan:

  • Purchase, construction, renovation, furnishing apartments, rooms or holiday houses
  • The construction of the swimming pools
  • Refinancing the existing loan obligations
  • Refunding of own invested funds


  • Choose loan in HRK or EUR
  • Fixed interest rate from 5,60% already (EIR from 5,92% already)
  • Loan amount from 4,000.00 to 2.000,000.00 HRK
  • Repayment period up to 10 years
  • Fee of 0,50% - 1,00% depending on purpose

Representative example of the calculation and the assumptions for the calculation of the EIR:

Loan amount 140.000,00 EUR 
Interest rate*  5,60%
Loan term 10
Fee 0,00 EUR 
Cost of real estate appraisal 1.700,00 HRK 
Cost of insurance policy premium (per year)  700,00 HRK 
Maintenance fee for account 9,00 HRK monthly
Fee for payment transactions 50,00 HRK 
Annuity amount 1.526,31 EUR 
EIR 5,92%

*Client status is achieved by subsequently transferring regular monthly income to the account with KentBank d.d.


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