I need a Loan

 Anytime you need it!
Up to 230.000 HRK
Repayment period to 10 years
Fixed interest rate already from 6,4%
Advantages of the loan:
Choose loan in HRK or EUR
The interest rate is fix for the whole repayment period
Payment protection insurance
Fast, flexible and simple realization
Fixed interest rate with the client status: 6,40%
Fixed interest rate without the client status: 7,40%

Representative example of the calculation

Loan amount in HRK Annual interest rate Maturity in years Annuity in HRK EIR
230.000,00  6,40%  10  2.599,92 6,99% 
75.000,00  6,40%  10  847,80 6,99% 


Assumptions for the calculation of EIR:

Loan 230.000,00 HRK 75.000,00 HRK
Interest rate 6,40% 6,40%
Repayment period 10 years 10 years
Deposit 23.000,00 HRK 7.500,00 HRK
Fee 690,00 HRK 225,00 HRK

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