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Contactless payments

Manage your finances more efficiently and safely with contactless Maestro Debit Card of KentBank.

  • Swipe your credit card on the POS device for the amounts up to 250 HRK/33,18 EUR
  • Enter your PIN for the amounts exceeding 250 HRK/33,18 EUR

The maximum amount of the transaction that does not require entering the PIN can vary in different countries and depends on the agreed limits on foreign markets.


  • Payment is done in a few seconds
  • A single purchase can not be charged multiple times - even if the credit card is swiped several times, the transaction will be executed once
  • Additional security as you hold the credit card all the time
  • Fast payment disables recognition of personal data
  • There is no possibility of 'accidental payment' because the card must physically touch the device in order to execute the transaction

The contactless credit card has retained all functionalities of the standard Maestro Credit Card; the posibility to pay for the goods and services at the Points Of Sale and on the Internet, payment in installments and cash withdrawals.

After activating the credit card in a Branch of the Bank, the first transaction should be made by entering the PIN on the POS device / or at the ATM. After this you can proceed with contactless payments.


Amounts expressed in wuros are informative and calculated at a fixed conversion rate of 1 EUR= 7,53450 HRK and in accordance with the rules for conversion and rounding from the Law on the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia.