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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the social responsibility of the company is defined as commitment of the economy to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with people, their families, local communities and society in general for all to improve the conditions in which they live. The European Commission defines corporate social responsibility as a concept whereby the companies integrate social and environmental objectives into their business activities and relationships with stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

Considering the strong role of social responsibility in building the reputation and competitiveness and creating the satisfaction and stimulating environment for the employees of the Bank, KentBank is guided by the principle of responsibility in all its business segments and to all stakeholders, thus creating the conditions for its faster business development.

We apply the principles of sustainable development in the following areas:

  • Credit operations
  • Marketing, sponsorships, donations and public relations
  • Care for employees, the system of career development and training
  • Management of assets and resources