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Factoring & Discount

Factoring / Purchase of Receivables is the form of financing by which undue short-term receivables from your customers are purchased for the sold goods and services on the basis of the documents proving the existence of the short-term receivables that are due in the following 180 days (invoices, situations, delivery documents, etc.). After the sale of receivables and prior to maturity, as a seller of recievables, you are entitled to advance payment in the agreed percentage of the purchased amount of receivables. By the purchase of undue receivables from the company, the illiquid assets of the company turns into liquid. Thereby, the purchase of receivables is particularly good solution for the fast-growing companies that aim to grow together with us.

Our offer includes:

  • Domestic Factoring (recourse, supply chain finance)
  • International Factoring
  • One-Time Purchase of Receivables
  • Discounted Bills of Exchange

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