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Micro – Loans with EU Support

Loan Programme for Financing Micro-Entrepreneurs

Goal of the Loan Programme and Purpose of the Loans

Financing of micro-entrepreneurs for the purpose of:

  • self-employment
  • establishment of crafts businesses and companies
  • modernisation and expansion of existing businesses
  • increase in the number of new jobs

Private micro-entrepreneurs, natural persons or legal entities that meet the following criteria on the day of the loan application submission:

  • - less then 10 employees
  • - annual operating income of up to EUR 2 million equivalent value, or balance sheet total (for corporate income tax payers) or long-term assets (for personal income tax payers) of up to EUR 2 million equivalent value
  • - up to 25% stake owned by a company that is not considered an SME in accordance with the EU criteria

In this respect, natural persons are persons generating income from independent activities or freelance professions.

Status of the borrower

Not conditioned as a depositor of the Bank.

Manner of Financing and Loan Application Procedure

HBOR implements this Programme by financing final borrowers via commercial banks that have accepted co-operation on the implementation of this Programme.

Final borrowers submit the loan application to the commercial bank.

Loan program is implemented under the model of the division of loss where the proportion of HBOR's loss amounts 70% and the share of a Commercial bank 30%

Loan Amount

The maximum amount of micro loans in kuna equivalent 25,000.00 euros. The entire loan amount can be used for investment in fixed and / or working capital. VAT is not financed.

Purpose of the loan funds

The Programme is intended for the financing of:

  • fixed assets (initial funding, land plots, buildings, equipment and devices, nucleus breeding units, planting of perennial crops, development of products or services, patents, licences, concessions, copyrights, franchises),
  • working capital

Not eligible for financing by this Programme are: casinos, banking services, insurance or financial intermediation, trading in real estate and production of arms.

Grace period

Up to 12 months entering the loan repayment period

Repayment method

In accordance with the decision by the Credit Committee of the Bank

Repayment period

Up to 5 years

Interest rate

Determined on the basis of the assessment of the placements risk.

Currency clause

In HRK with the currency clause

Loan application fee

1% one off, on the committed loan amount

Charged on or before the first disbursement

Commitment fee

Calculated quarterly in the amount of 0.25% p.a. on the committed and undisbursed loan amount, starting 30 days after the date of the loan contract


Debentures from the final borrower. Depending on the assessment made by the bank, it may also take bills of exchange and create a lien on property, but only on that purchased from the proceeds of the loan. 


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