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There is often a need for the use of guarantees in your business operations. KentBank offers you the following guarantees: 

Payment guarantees

  • guarantee for orderly settlement of obligations
  • customs guarantees
  • other payment guarantees 

Performance guarantees

  • tender guarantees
  • good performance bonds
  • warranty guarantees
  • advance payment guarantees
  • other performance guarantees 

Letters of intent

KentBank offers you the possibility to issue a letter of intent confirming the willingness of the Bank to issue guarantees under the terms of the contract/ agreement.

Short-term lines of credit guarantee (framework) and letters of intent

In order to facilitate your business operations, we are able to make a short-term framework for guarantees and letters of intent. This product is particularly useful to customers who have frequent need for them. The bank can quickly and easily issue guarantees and letters of intent from the frame only by submitting an application and required documentation. Such requests will be processed within the same business day.

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