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Satisfied KentBank clients


Tajana Bikić, Romić Aneks

I have been a KentBank client since its opening in Split, 2013. I am extremely satisfied with the speed and helpfulness of KentBank employees, as they try to simplify and speed up everything in their power and I can get a lot done via e-mail and telephone. I do not have to wait at the Bank long, any documentation I ask for concerning my business I get in the shortest possible time.

I especially have to emphasize the quality of e-Kent. I have used internet banking of several other banks, e-kent is incomparably better due to its simple log-in and use. It has extremely clear and efficient interface. It is often upgraded, with the aim of being even more simplified.  Good and simple review of payments and statement. Exceptionally high quality program.

Overall, I am very happy with KentBank and its employees, and considering that I have experience with many other banks, I can say that KentBank is the most flexible and the bank with highest quality of work with which I’ve had opportunity to do business.



Bojan Hadžisejdić, company Nephos d.o.o.

I have been a KentBank client since opening my company, a little more over 2 years.

Nephos d.o.o. is a mico-company. At the time of opening a business account in the bank it was important to us to find a partner to whom we can be a relevant converser regardless of our “size”. In KentBank we found what we needed – the possibility to get quick help and advice at the beginning of our business ventures. It was key to us that we can communicate with the bank without the need to come to the branch, via telephone, e-mail and, of course, Internet banking. We believe that we will have a strong partner in KentBank as our business grows and the need for new and more complex financial services presents.

The concept of our business is such that we are on the move 90% of time. We spend very little time in the office and we are focused on the use of different devices for performing everyday activities. This, of course, includes banking services on the go and quality, simplicity, reliability and safety of the system to access our business account are very important to us. With the new version of m-kent and e-kent application, we received just those elements.

With all that was said above, we would definitely advise small businesses to choose the bank they will be working with carefully. Small business are often unable to compete for the relevant level of service and attention they need for their growth and development in traditional large banks. Keep in mind that the bank is not just an institution where you need to have a business account but a bank needs to be a partner, which KentBank is.



Željko Smolec

I've been a KentBank client for two years and I came to the Bank after the invitation of my friend, KentBank employee, and I did not regret it. All the employees are extremely kind, professional and for all I only have words of praise.

I had small objections until the Bank had an application for mobile banking, but now that problem is solved and the application is top-notch. I particularly like access to the application via fingerprint, and as far as I know, no other bank has this functionality.

I often deposit money on ATMs, and this is very important to me due to the nature of my job because I can deposit money into my account at night and I do not have to wait for the branch to open. I am extremely satisfied with all your services.