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Bruketa & Žinić & Gray and Brigada created a new visual identity and the concept of design of KentBank branches

KentBank, the fastest growing bank on the Croatian market, with its new strategic guidelines that will enable it to further develop and continue its successful business, also has a new visual identity and a new branch design concept. The Bank cooperated with the creative agency Bruketa & Žinić & Grey on the development of a new visual identity, while in accordance with it, the new concept of designing branches was created by the Agency for Design, Product Design and Architecture Brigada.

The visual identity is based on the hexagon symbol. The hexagon can be found in the geometry of Islamic art, creating a link between KentBank and its owner, the Turkish Süzer Group. The hexagon is also a universal symbol of coherence. And it is precisely the connection with clients that is the foundation on which KentBank wants to continue to develop its business. KentBank bases its business strategy on the approach of recognizing that a large number of clients want a bank that will support them in achieving their personal and business ambitions, has a direct and personal relationship with them and approaches them with respect and attention.

Speaking about the new visual identity, Davor Bruketa, co-founder and creative director of Bruketa & Žinić & Grey, said: “Unobtrusive, discreet and timeless design developed for KentBank follows the business strategy and speaks of an institution focused on long-term relationships and personal approach. It also speaks of superior service and the highest level of customer satisfaction with the relationship and services of the bank, we can say that it speaks of a kind of "Ritz-Carlton" among banks.

KentBank's new business concept is a response to the accelerated digitalization and automation of banking processes, which is slowly causing the loss of personal relationship between clients and bankers.


"Top Internet and mobile banking services are not a substitute for personal relationships and direct contact with clients. As we continue to develop digital services, we want to be a bank that develops and nurtures personal and close relationships with its clients. Our goal is to respond to customer needs through a personalized approach and support at the right time and not just through the usual banking services. That is why we have developed the KentClub platform, which makes our support even broader. We will support our clients through learning and networking within our club space, and with the concierge services that the club will offer, we want to help them with organizing their lives in order to get extra time to devote to their interests and activities that make them happy, "said Aleksandra Cvetkovic, member of the Management Board.

KentKlub is an innovation in the domestic banking market, and the specially designed space is located on the top floor of the branch in the center of Zagreb, in Gundulićeva Street. It is opened for bank clients who want to spend time in a sophisticated, informal and pleasant environment, discuss business or financial topics, gain new knowledge in professional educations or simply relax at the end of the working day.

The arrangement of the club space is, of course, in line with the new concept of designing KentBank branches. The basic experience of the space of the first, newly renovated branch office is the ambience that enables different typologies of interaction, from fast transactions at the entrance, space for personal bankers with privacy zones and modern office space to the mentioned KentClub where meetings, trainings and gatherings are organized in a relaxed but business atmosphere. 

"By organizing the interior, we have combined modern technologies and personal contact and enabled different levels of privacy zones depending on the needs of clients. The whole space is aesthetically based on the tradition of Zagreb's lower interior interiors, city cafes and business clubs and recognizable but subtle elements of Turkish design. Most of the furniture  is contemporary from domestic manufacturers and designs intertwined with uniquely designed and manufactured elements and a few international classics ", commented Damjan Geber, Creative Director of the Brigada.